RitaUrnieziusHello there, my name is Rita Urniezius. I am a daughter of Lithuanian immigrants, who ran away from occupied Lithuania, back in early eightees. Since then my family’s been living in Dallas.

At first my family were struggling a lot. But seven years later, they found their ways in America. And I will never be able to thank them enough.

Imaging coming to another country with no money, barely knowing the language, with no connections, or general knowledge, and making it. This should shut up each and every person who’s whining about not “being able to make it”

Anways. Enough about them. As I said, – my name is Rita, and I am regular girl. I call myself American (I was born in USA, back in 1992). I Am a Paul Rudd fan, and since I couldn’t come up with better nickname, – I just call myself that. Why? Well it’s pretty straight forward. I think I’m a biggest Paul Rudd fan I know. And it’s not like I’m obsessed, but I’m pretty impressed by his work. I think he’s a charming man, a good individual, and a very very handsome actor too.

Anyways, – this is my personal blog. Hope you’ll find my posts interesting to read, and informative too.