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When I think of a new carpet installation in my home, I dream of something like wall-to-wall carpet in fluffy Magnolia white color and then my kids, and I will lie down there and pretend we’re on cloud 9. But then I realize, wall-to-wall carpeting your living room, let’s say, in a color that is white as milk with kids around is, yes, exactly just that – a dream. Because if you’re crazy enough to turn this kind of project into a reality then brace yourself for the nightmare that will surely come your way – basic stains, hard to remove stains and impossible to be removed stains.

Then again, I’m not trying to scare you, and this article is not meant to talk you into choosing another type of tile flooring either. Because I’m pretty sure that you didn’t stumble upon this website by accident. I get it. You want to have carpeted flooring, but you’re aware that it’s not that easy, so you are looking for pros and cons, possibly searching for more pros, to help you get convinced that it is the right choice. Believe me; I’m on your side. Because I believe that if there’s a will, there’s a way.

So, if you are planning on re-doing your living room or bedroom tile flooring and have almost decided that it is what you want, then I’d be glad to guide you through. I’m positive that, with proper knowledge, there’s a way to make your carpet flooring project a reality without all the hardships and drama.

There’s a wide variety of carpet to choose from, and they come in two main types: synthetic, such as carpet flooring made of polyester, nylon or Polypropylene, and natural carpet made of wool. Now, unless money isn’t a factor to you, I recommend we choose synthetic as it is friendlier on the budget. According to, the cheapest synthetic carpet is Olefin or Polypropylene, which is priced between $1.50 and $5.00 per sqr/ft while the most expensive is wool which is priced $8 and above per sqr/ft.

The fact that you are considering carpet flooring means you have a budget and is not really after the cheapest kind which is good because carpet flooring can be a costly project if you’re not well-informed of this project. I mean, if you think that choosing the least expensive is the right choice then you are bound to make a big and costly mistake because less expensive carpet option means low-quality carpeting.  Although, we will not eliminate the less expensive carpet from our choices just yet as this kind of carpeting may be used in areas where there’s less traffic or areas where you and your family doesn’t stay much, such as bedroom or guest room. As for the rooms with medium to heavy traffic, like the living room, family room or the hallway, nylon would be the best option as it is durable, in fact, as durable as wool but costs a lot less with price ranging from $3 to $8 per sqr/ft.

What about the color? If you’re like me whose dreaming of wall-to-wall carpet flooring in Magnolia white color, it can be done. Yes, you read it right, it is possible but in areas where there’s light traffic such as bedroom or guest room and in conditions that food is not allowed to avoid spills and only socks can be worn inside these areas. For the living room, family room or hallways go for dark printed nylon carpet. Don’t forget to use light colored sofa cover to lighten the room and contrast the gloomy-colored carpet.